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What they are saying!

 ... Your style, Sylvie, is a wonderful blend of the feminine classics and more playful varieties of fashion. Sometimes your combinations are just so eye-catching, I have to archive them ... You capture a contemporary essence without becoming too trendy, and the look is extremely polished. Your Paris sidewalk cafe look with jeans, heels, and the Chanel long coat is a perfect example of the talent to mix feelings from different levels of fashion to create a fashion freedom of self expression ... Well done, I think you're divine!

Elan Durham

Just checked out your website and subscribed, love the choice of designers!

Catharina Scheel

It's easy to use! And that is a great compliment when compared to some other e-commerce platforms....

Mary Ann Hipp

Gorgeous coat Sylvie! I have just taken a quick look at your website. It is amazing with so many choices.

Designer Sparks Interiors

Congratulations Sylvie! Great web!!!! Very chic! You chose perfect the products! Love the nude, black, red and white colours. Big kiss

Nieves Elorduy

The website is amazing! So beautiful and elegant!

Intersection Magazine