Sylvie Utudjian aka Uberchique, Fashion Influener

Sylvie Utudjian also known as uberchique is a fashion, travel, art and design enthusiast based in Vienna, Austria. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, is of Armenian descent but moved to Europe when she married. She has two teenage daughters who she is currently raising in Vienna, Austria. Sylvie Utudjian is also an brand ambassador for Breitling, Switzerland. 


Her background is in Finance and therefore understands perfectly the business of fashion. She obtained a business degree in Finance from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, before moving to Austria. 

She has always been passionate about fashion and styling, which led her to create an Instagram account called @uberchique, where she would obtain a digital voice. She began this adventure by posting her outfits, tips from her travels around the world, art and interior design inspiration etc. After 3 years of being an Influencer, she has grown to the impressive 62k followers to date, thanks to her sense of style.

Sylvie actively collaborates with high-end and emerging fashion brands and designers. Her eye for beauty and detail can easily spot what is an interesting topic for her constantly growing audience.

She is dedicated to her followers by continuously engaging with them, while never missing a chance to show innovative things. The community she created throughout the years trusts her choices and looks to her for fashion and lifestyle advice on a regular basis. 

Sylvie decided to take the next step and expand her business outside of the Instagram platform, thus launching her own e-commerce platform, where everyone can stop and shop Sylvie’s wardrobe and selection of fashion. She is a person driven by ambition and achieving her dreams and goals, one step at a time.